Let the beauty of this island touch you


Lesvos is the third largest island in Greece. It is of volcanic origin and rises in several places to almost a thousand meters above the sea.

There are 11 million olive trees on the island. Even today, the island is strongly agricultural. Olive cultivation is carried out with great care. The olive oils of the island of Lesvos are particularly mild and fruity in taste. 

In Pappados there is the Olive Press Museum, where the production of olive oil is explained and demonstrated.

On Lesvos you can discover many traditional mountain villages, quaint harbor areas and picturesque small towns and explore them on foot.

Some of the mountain villages such as Agiasos or Mantamados are known for their pottery, which you can also buy there.

Skala Eresou, Petra and Tavari offer lively beach promenades and great beach bars.
beach bars.

Picturesque harbor quarters can be found in Skala Sikaminea or in Molivos.

If you are in the mood for lively, colorful life and small-town flair, you can visit the capital Mitylini. There is also a medieval castle.

Places worth visiting


The island offers more beaches than some other Greek islands just because of its size. The types of beaches are very different. From sand to stone and pebble beaches you will find everything on the island.

In Petra, Ambelia and Anaxos there are beautiful sandy beaches and beach bars with free sunbeds. In Molivos there are pebble beaches, great cafes, beach bars and a volleyball court in the water.

If you are mobile, you can always find smaller secluded beaches where you feel like you are at the end of the world.

On Lesvos there is a petrified forest unique in the world. The fossil remains of these trees can be seen today in a picturesque valley just a few kilometers from the town of Sigri.

You can also visit numerous monasteries, for example the largest and most important monastery Moni Limonos or the oldest monastery of the island Moni Ypsilou.

In Petra stands the church
is located on a high lonely rock in the center of the historical city.
of the historic city. In the evening it offers a beautiful atmosphere and a great view over the city.

Besides the castle in Molivos, you can also visit the old Turkish fortress in Sigri or the castle of Mitylene.

Places of interest


One of the most impressive sights of Lesvos is the picturesque village of Molivos, also called Mythimna, with its medieval Byzantine castle complex.

The castle and the old town alleys with the characteristic stone houses are only a few minutes walk from the seminar house.

Molivos has kept its originality despite the growing tourism and is especially inviting for strolling and strolling.

In Molivos and the surrounding area there are beautifully situated tavernas and restaurants offering traditional Greek cuisine and also numerous vegetarian options.

Make yourself comfortable on one of the numerous balconies high above Molivos with a view of the sunset, in the harbor taverns with a view of the fishing boats or under the plane trees in the middle of the old town alleys.

For those with a sweet tooth, there are fantastic cafes and ice cream parlors offering homemade cakes and ice creams.

The Greeks are very warm hosts and look forward to pampering and caring for you.

Taverns and restaurants


In the old town alleys of Molivos is the Traditional Market. There are numerous stores that offer mainly regional goods.

Here you will find everything from leather goods, clothing, natural cosmetics, jewelry, pottery to souvenirs.

The Greeks welcome you warmly and are eager to help you find what you are looking for.

The alleys around the Traditional Market are covered by a green overgrown canopy, so that it is pleasantly shady even in high summer.

The sunsets in Molivos are a natural spectacle with daily changing facets.

Experience fantastic sunsets from the balconies of the taverns in Molivos or in the beach bars of Petra.

From the castle, which is still a little higher than the Vida Balance Garden, you have the optimal orientation to the west for the sunset and a free wide view.



Horseback riding

In Molivos you have the possibility to take riding lessons in the riding arena or to go on a riding trip through the beautiful nature.

We go horseback riding there ourselves and can organize riding lessons or excursions for you.

You will be introduced to the art of riding in a very sensitive and small-step way and you will become familiar with the horses.

A nice opportunity to see Molivos from a different perspective.

From the port of Molivos you can take boat trips and conquer secluded bays for yourself.

There are boats that you can rent without a license and boats for which you need a license.

In Anaxos and in Skala Eresou different water sports are offered. Depending on your mood you can enjoy kayaking, stand up paddling, water skiing or tube riding.

We are happy to help you with the organization of your water sports activities.

Boat trips and water sports

Bike and scooter

We are happy to help you if you want to rent a bike, a scooter or a car.

By bike you can explore the surrounding area of Molivos. Guided e-bike tours are also offered.

You can get to more distant places by scooter, which you can drive with your car license. Riding a scooter is a lot of fun in the summer with the pleasant cooling breeze.

The south or the west of Lesvos is best explored by car. We will be happy to give you tips so that you can put together the best itinerary for you.

With plenty of unspoiled nature and diverse landscapes, the island of Lesvos offers ideal terrain for hiking. Shady pine forests, colorful flower meadows, rugged coastal regions and romantic mountain villages can be explored on narrow donkey trails and charming old paths.

Around Mount Olympos, with 968 meters the highest elevation of the island of Lesbos, well-maintained paths invite you to hike along romantic mountain streams and through large olive groves.

Also in the nearby surroundings around Molivos and Petra are beautiful hiking routes on which some treasures can be discovered.