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Vida Balance Garden

Jörn Lentes
Molivos, Lesbos, Greece

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  • How can I pay for my room?
    Our payment service provider is Revolut. You can pay your deposit and/or invoice at any time via the following website: https://revolut.me/vgbarden
  • What is the booking process for my own seminar at Vida Balance Garden?
    In the booking plan you can see which times are still unoccupied. You send us a reservation request with your desired date. We will send you a confirmation and reserve your desired date. Your seminar is reserved for you until November of the previous year. Until then you can cancel your seminar free of charge. After that, deposit payments are due, which give us planning reliability. If you are interested, we will be happy to explain this to you in a personal phone call.
  • Is it possible to arrive earlier or extend the stay?
    Provided that there are free capacities before or after the seminar, the participants and seminar leaders have the possibility to arrive earlier as well as to stay longer.
  • Can guests buy drinks and snacks in the seminar house?
    Guests can help themselves throughout the day with water, tea and coffee free of charge at our self-service counter. All other drinks such as juices, soft drinks, beer or wine as well as snacks and ice cream are provided by us and recorded on a tally sheet and paid for at the end of the stay.
  • What is included in the seminar package?
    The seminar package includes: Breakfast, water, coffee and tea during the day, use of seminar room, use of pool. The seminar fee is obligatory for participants of seminars. It is to be paid on site.  Participants who stay overnight in another place and attend the seminar also pay the conference fee.
  • What are my travel options?
    At the moment there are no direct flights from Germany to Lesbos. The flights go from Germany via Athens or via Thessaloniki. From there, small planes (SkyExpress, Agean Air, Olympic) fly to Lesbos in an hour. With Agean Air you can book both flights together and simply change in Athens. You can also book both flights separately. This can be cheaper. In this case you should allow 2.5-3 hours for connecting flights, because you have to pick up your luggage in Athens or Thessaloniki and check it in again. If you’re traveling with carry-on only, you’ll have your luggage with you anyway. We know our way around pretty well by now and follow the flight offers to Lesbos. There are good flight connections from Basel and Frankfurt. We are happy to help you find flights.
  • Under what conditions can we use the site alone as a group?
    If you book all 15 rooms with your group, you will have the entire site for your exclusive use. If you book fewer rooms, it may be that individual guests who have extended their stay or arrived earlier also share the grounds.
  • Where exactly is the seminar house located? How far is it from the airport?
    The seminar house is located in the village of Molivos on top of the mountain near the castle of Molivos. From the seminar house you can reach the old town of Molivos in a few minutes walk. From the airport Mytilini it is 70 km. A cab from the airport to us costs about 75 Euro. We will gladly organize the transfer. Up to four people can travel in one cab.
  • How can guests be mobile on site?
    In Molivos there is the possibility to rent bicycles, scooters and cars. The rental price for a scooter starts at about 17 euros a day, for a car at about 30 euros. The car will also be brought to the airport upon arrival, so that you can drive to the seminar house right away. We are happy to help you with the reservation of bicycles, scooters and cars. The towns of Molivos, Petra and Anaxos are also connected by bus. Also cab rides are well affordable, especially if you share the cab with several people.
  • What food options are available?
    Breakfast is included in the seminar package. It is possible to book a light lunch. The current weekly menu with the dishes offered can be viewed on site. The village of Molivos is a few minutes walk away. There are numerous taverns and restaurants in the village. On request we organize a Greek barbecue on our pool terrace for your group. The choice of the offered dishes can be arranged on site. Otherwise, guests who have a mini kitchen in the room can also cater for themselves.
  • What is the minimum number of participants for my seminar?
    The minimum number of participants for a seminar is 8. If a seminar group does not use all rooms, we might give those to individual guests (extensions or earlier arrival) of adjacent seminars.
  • What is the maximum number of participants for my seminar?
    The maximum number of participants depends on our accommodation capacity. We have 34 beds when all rooms are double occupancy. With single occupancy there are 17. It is also possible to rent additional apartments at our neighbors, Molivos Queen.
  • Until when I can cancel my seminar?
    Your time slot is reserved for you until November of the year preceding your seminar. Until then you can cancel your seminar free of charge. After that, deposit payments are due, which give us planning reliability. The deposit approximately covers the costs for accommodation of the minimum number of participants. You will not get the deposit back if you cancel your seminar after deposit payments. If we are able to fill the time period with another group at short notice, you will get your deposit back minus a handling fee. If your seminar takes place with at least 8 participants as agreed, you will receive the entire deposit back. We would be happy to explain this process to you in a personal conversation.
  • How can I as a trainer get to know the Vida Balance Garden?
    We organize evening online events to present the Vida Balance Garden. Normally these are held in German but if needed we can do it bi-lingual.
    To get to know the place, the seminar house and us, you can book a stay with us that you pay for regularly. If you come with a seminar group, you stay then for free.