Arrive. Relax. Flourish.

We offer you a sheltered place to arrive, recharge and grow. Here you can experience security, community, balance and ease.

Welcome at

Vida Balance Garden




The seminar house

A place full of peace, balance and healing

We want to create a place of encounter, healing, personal development and balance. A place that supports people to create peace with themselves and within themselves. To go out into the world with this peace in their heart and mind. And thus carry it into the world.

For this place the values of hospitality, community, connection, authenticity, protection, security and love are especially important to us.

The dream of a place beyond right and wrong where every person can be there as they are. A place where love, for myself, for other people, for life, can grow to universal love.

This seminar house is currently being renovated. Over the winter we will build and create this place. Therefore there are only a few pictures for now. More will follow in the next months.

Your seminar at Vida Balance Garden

A Seminar house run by trainers for trainers

lived non-violent attitude & family atmosphere

exclusive use by single group possible

Support with logistics and activities on site

quiet location close to Molivos at the same time

Equipment for bodywork, meditation, massages

Seminars in a unique environment


Discover the treasures of the island of Lesbos


Immerse yourself in medieval Molivos


Get active and satisfy your thirst for adventure

Schön, dass du hier bist

About Melanie & Jörn

We have been a couple for 25 years and have worked as seminar leaders for 10 years. We are engaged in topics such as personal development, tantra, communication, touch, bodywork, meditation and sexuality. Our personal ongoing development and growth as a couple is important to us.

We are both very adventurous and creative people, often have crazy ideas and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

For a long time we have cherished the vision of running our own seminar house. Here on Lesbos we have found the right place for us to make our vision come true. We want to be courageous and follow our hearts. Next year in April we will open a seminar house on the wonderful island of Lesbos.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our house!

Melanie und Jörn